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china best electro bicicleta electric bike made in china

Best Electric Folding Bikes main parts:

1.Folding Frame: 26″ folding aluminum fram and hidden battery
2.Plate: Aluminum 3T gear tooth plate

Best Electric Folding Bikes

3.Wheel: aluminum frame magnesium alloy rim
4.Middle Shork:to provide you with a comfortable riding environment
5.shimano 21 speed derailleur
6.36V 350W brushless motor, super power
7.LCD display show more details about your riding
8.160 disc brake
We are committed to invest in this energy conservation, environmental protection of the great times, the use of electric mountain biking, not only love the environment, green travel, but also can help us exercise. The fun of riding is fascinating, it is free, it is to enjoy, is our dialogue with the soul.
If you also like, if you yearn for, we look forward to seeing you also become a member of the bike lovers.

Best Electric Folding Bikes


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